Hotel SPA in Bordeaux – La Zoologie

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First HotelsT’s Spa, it offers organic treatments in a relaxing universe on the theme of botany in the Hôtel de la Zoologie in Bordeaux.

The spa facilities are equipped with a large steam room, a large sauna and a Jacuzzi, you will also have the opportunity to discover the “sensory shower”, an experience of superior relaxation combining aromatherapy, light and music therapy as well as diverse hydrotherapies aiming at the stimulation of all senses.

First HotelsT’s Spa, it offers organic treatments in a relaxing universe on the theme of botany in the Hôtel de la Zoologie in Bordeaux.

You can also enjoy facial and body treatments in duo or alone in the two treatment rooms of the Hôtel de la Zoologie with our qualified staff. Our certified staff will advise you on the best routine products adapted to your unique needs.


Services :

Steam room



2 treatment rooms


Packages :

Detox Mondays : On Mondays the Hôtel de la Zoologie proposes a light meal and a spa treatment to recover from the week-ends parties.

Easy Thursdays : On Thursdays the Hôtel de La Zoologie proposes a healthy meal and a spa treatment to give a boost to the middle of the week.

Happy Hours : On Fridays, the Hôtel de la Zoologie proposes an apéritif chic and access to the spa facilities for an happy start of the week-end.

Beauty Lunch : From Mondays to Fridays the Hôtel de la Zoologie proposes a lunch and spa package to allow yourself a cocooning break.


Relaxation and Wellness at the Zoologie Hotel Spa in Bordeaux


Let the gorgeous and relaxing botanical settings surround you for an experience of absolute calm and wellness at the Zoologie Hotel Spa in Bordeaux. This beautiful place entirely dedicated to relaxation and self-care promises and unwinding stay. Whether you are visiting Bordeaux for a couple of days or over a week, stop by and recharge.

Our hotel in Bordeaux with a spa offers various sensory experiences and high-quality treatments to meet your specific needs.


Hotel Spa in Bordeaux: Our Equipment


Our relaxation spa in Bordeaux welcomes you to the serene haven that is our hammam. Dedicated to tranquility, the place transports you for a moment of oriental bliss. The pleasant warmth combined with the perfect levels of moisture is an invitation to self-care.

Our hotel spa in Bordeaux is also fitted with a large sauna for a Finland-style wellness ritual. More intense than hammams, saunas offer an invigorating feeling rich in benefits.

Hôtel de la Zoologie welcomes you to our spa in Bordeaux centre town where you can also enjoy our jacuzzi and reach a state of blissful relaxation.

Both our fully featured treatment rooms allow you to experience soothing and refreshing therapeutic care.


Experiences at our spa in Bordeaux


To make your wellness experience complete, our relaxation spa in Bordeaux invites you to discover our sensory shower. The power of aromatherapy, phototherapy and music therapy stimulates all your senses to promote absolute relaxation. Let the magic of essential oils, light and sounds surround and support you while the water washes all the stress away. The lush botanical settings contribute to creating a wonderful sensation of calm.

During your stay at our hotel in Bordeaux with a spa, you can enjoy a massage by yourself or as a couple in the hands of our highly qualified staff. We will also provide personalized advice as to the best beauty and healthcare products for your specific needs, which you can purchase right here.

Hôtel de la Zoologie is there to treat you to a moment of gentleness, calm and pleasure to make your stay complete and revive your body and spirit. Let us transport you to a universe of serenity where plants create the ideal setting for a blissful time at our relaxation spa in Bordeaux.