Our Rooms by Ambiance

La Zoologie Hotel: 3 wings … 3 ambiances

Charming hotel in Bordeaux

In the HotelsT, the rooms reflect the history and specificities of the building.

The hotel La Zoologie offers 40 rooms shared within 3 wings and 3 levels.

The Geology wing and the Botanic wing offer a view on the streets on both side of the building and the interior garden.

The rooms in the Zoology wing has a view on Cours de la Marne and Andre Meunier square.

To better respond to your need, several designs are available:

Ages 18+
Ages 4 - 18

Zoology wing : 24 rooms

The Zoology Wing is the historical core of the building.

This wing presents rooms with old-stone walls typical of Bordeaux, high French windows accessorised with exquisite curtains representing the animal world from yesterday and today toped by an iron cast work.

The fully transparent metal and glass bathrooms are a tribute to the laboratories of biology and biochemistry researchers.

Toilets are separated, with an old fashioned flush in color by Griffon.

In some rooms there is a bathtub by Inbani and benches in eolithic clay used in old days by students in zoology and that have been preserved as desk.

Botanic wing : 4 rooms

The Botanical Wing and its green wall.

The rooms of the Botanique overlook our interior garden or a pedestrian pathway “la sente” which gives a view of the old Santé Navale building where the doctors of the Royal were trained.

The rooms offer a high ceilings magnified by a ceiling in bamboo forest. The walls are disguised by landscapes: the panoramic ANANBO (made in the region of Bordeaux) an inspiration to far lands and time filled with serenity.

On the top floor, the Duplex Suite offers a large private terrace above the interior garden. Illustrating its name, this wing shows a magnificent green wall. Two of the rooms in this wing are designed to welcome guests with reduced mobility.

Geology wing : 12 rooms

The Geology Wing and its breathtaking view.

The rooms of the Geology Wing are characterised by LeCorbusier inspired colour pallet, ceiling in raw concrete, floors and bathrooms made of clay.

The curtains in African wax fabric bring a change of scene.

Large windows open on private balconies on the garden side looking toward the evening light in the West and the magnificent green wall of the Botanic Wing.