Restaurant Bordeaux - La Zoologie



Eating is an experience, a journey of the senses. A beautiful plate with perfectly coordinated flavors invites us to explore other lands, other cultures, other times. And when the setting lends itself to it, when the unexpected slips in, a meal becomes a moment of escape, then an inexhaustible memory.

Discover an extraordinary restaurant in Bordeaux, at the unusual hotel La Zoologie.

Our restaurant in Bordeaux

The restaurant at the hotel La Zoologie is located on the ground floor in the Zoology wing. The open-kitchen restaurant offers a continuous show for our guests.

Based on the high quality  and of the products, the restaurant offers a cuisine inspired by the traditional Bordelaise cuisine with a modern twist while keeping it simple, approachable and fresh! Flavours and simplicity await you everyday for lunch and dinner in an exceptional setting.

A place full of history serves as the setting for an original restaurant in Bordeaux

A former science faculty reimagined as a 4-star luxury hotel, La Zoologie has preserved the intellectual curiosity dear to its roots. On the first floor, in the part of the building imagined at the very beginning of the 20th century (1900-1903) by architect Ernest Lacombe, La Zoologie wing retains the stones, bricks, as well as the metal structure of the time, supporting large glass roofs and opening onto the outside.

Here, a dining room with modern and colorful furniture, custom-made for the establishment, welcomes lovers of traditional Bordeaux cuisine. The dishes are prepared according to the availability of fresh, local and seasonal products. In this unusual restaurant in Bordeaux, the art of cooking is a permanent spectacle thanks to the open kitchen, inviting guests to admire the chef and his team at work.

A simple, short and fresh menu

Enjoying a good meal in an out-of-the-ordinary restaurant in Bordeaux means immersing yourself in an original and surprising place. But, of course, the adventure is also culinary. At the restaurant La Zoologie, the road of flavors is open to you every day at noon and every night of the week. For Chef Ozon, passionate about authentic products that sing the beauty of our land, Bordeaux deserved a restaurant where traditional cuisine would be sublimated by unique ingredients.

These fresh products, in short circuit, give rise to a minimalist menu, constantly renewed. On Tuesdays, opt for a freshly caught fish dish. Unless you prefer to try one of our specialties from our menu, which is renewed every three months.

An unusual restaurant in Bordeaux where to enjoy surprising drinks

Fancy an aperitif on the terrace before dinner or a signature cocktail to end your meal in style? La Zoologie offers a superb selection of intoxicatingly diverse drinks. Enjoy a Gin Tonic just the way you like it, a great wine to accompany a special occasion, or a unique creation imagined by a talented mixologist. The Green Inferno, made with kiwi puree and white rum with a touch of Tabasco Verde, will not fail to amaze you!

If you prefer to end on a sweet note, let yourself be tempted by a gourmet coffee. The well-behaved children will be rewarded with a small Tagada strawberry.

And before you leave, get closer to the glass roof to greet the chef: nothing will please him more than to know how much you enjoyed yourselves!


‘La Zoologie, Le Restaurant’: fresh, local, low-carbon products are sublimated by the simplicity of a regional cuisine.

A choice of meals in the daily updated menu or from the restaurant à la carte will ensure your curiosity and fulfilled your mood.

 ‘La Zoologie, Le Restaurant’ is open everyday at lunchtime from 12.00am to 2.00pm (except on Sunday) and every evening from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.

Every first Sunday of the month, the restaurant serves a Brunch inside or on the hotel’s terrace from 11.30am to 2:30pm.

The Brunch at La Zoologie offers a luscious cold and hot buffet for the rate of 40 Euros per person and 20 Euros for children under 9.

The Bordeaux grocery store : Le Banksia

Le Banksia, a Bordeaux grocery store located on the first floor of the hotel La Zoologie under the wing of La botanique.

Our grocery store offers products made within the hotel by the Chef of Banksia. You will find delicious products such as our hummus, our tapenade or our small spice cookies.

The dishes which are proposed there under realized according to the seasons with fresh and organic products, here the dishes are has tasted without moderation the midday and the evening of Wednesday at Sunday.

Photo gallery of the restaurant La Zoologie