Unusual rooms in Bordeaux

Blessed with a rich and inspiring heritage, the city of Bordeaux is a must-see stop for lovers of culture and architectural beauty. True to this ideal, the 4-star luxury hotel La Zoologie offers an authentic yet stunning experience in the heart of the railway station district, for a night in the heart of a bubble of the unexpected. Enjoy an unforgettable stay in New Aquitaine in an unusual room in Bordeaux.  



Looking for something unusual ? Discover La Zoologie hotel in Bordeaux

Imbued with the scientific curiosity of its time, the building occupied by the La Zoologie Hotel is a splendid testimony to the university architecture of the early 20th century (1900-1903). Restored to its former glory following a complete renovation, it now boasts two additional wings: the Botany wing and the Geology wing, in a nod to the former life of the premises.

The hotel La Zoologie has sumptuous facilities and offers its guests 40 unusual rooms in Bordeaux.

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Unusual rooms in Bordeaux, for inspiring and unique nights

Whether you are looking for a romantic room in Bordeaux or an original and memorable stay, La Zoologie will satisfy your desire to escape. The ideal accommodation to explore the city with your partner or family!

Offering a true intellectual journey through a place steeped in history, each room has a soul of its own, brought to life by personalised decoration. Our hotel perpetuates the spirit of collection in the form of singular arrangements based on the principle of artistic commissions. Carefully selected, noble and durable materials are used as the backdrop for original works of art that explore the theme of natural sciences and scientific expeditions to the heart of faraway lands.

Each wing of our hotel offers a unique and mysterious atmosphere for a romantic getaway or a family experience in the New Aquitaine region.

The 24 rooms in the Zoology wing occupy the historic part of the building and have retained their local stone walls and high French windows, dressed with curtains evoking the animal kingdom. The bathrooms, which resemble researchers’ offices, and the oolitic limestone benches form an unusual contrast with the resolutely contemporary design furniture.

The 4 rooms of the Botanique overlook the garden, which looks like an exotic forest, or the former Santé Navale building, beyond a pedestrian street. Designed to offer you a night in a plant-inspired bubble, they have panoramic ANANBO walls made in the Bordeaux region. Take a breath: the high ceiling creates a perfect marriage with the bamboo floor.

Finally, the 12 Geology rooms honour Le Corbusier and draw their creative atmosphere from an African environment, where concrete is mixed with traditional wax. An unusual detail: a bathroom made of clay that combines comfort and nature.

Style services for an unforgettable stay

In addition to its magnificent rooftop from which you can take in the view of the city, its bar, its luxurious Spa (have you tested the Jacuzzi in our Spa?), its fitness room, its terrace and its garden, La Zoologie Hotel is renowned for its culinary experiences.

The hotel’s breakfast is a wonderful way to start the day after a night in this amazing bubble.

Our unusual restaurant in Bordeaux welcomes you for lunch and dinner. A unique culinary experience in New Aquitaine!

Unless you prefer to discover the Banksia concept in Bordeaux (16 seats + terrace) the Mediterranean and spicy inspired cellar / delicatessen located in the Botanique wing. A creative lunch you won’t forget!