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Official Website – Opening  May 2019

La Zoologie  4 stars charming boutique hotel – Bordeaux

The HotelsT family group is proud to present its new addition: a luxury hotel in Bordeaux. Located in the dynamic neighborhood of the Saint-Jean Station that has been completely renewed for the coming opening of the new Paris-Bordeaux line by bullet train in 2-hour time, this 4-star hotel will occupy an historical building on the Cours de la Marne: The Institute of Zoology.

A boutique hotel
in the heart of the institut
of Zoologie in Bordeaux

Built at the very beginning of the 20th century (1900-1903) by architect Ernest Lacombe, the Institute of Zoology is a testimony of the novelty of academic architecture from this time, bringing together materials such as bricks, stones, metallic structures allowing then to support large openings and glass roofs.

This majestic architecture will be beautified through a complete renovation of the historical building to which two modern wings will be added in the spirit of the history of the place that is the Natural Sciences.

The whole structure will open onto a garden in the court-side turned toward the magnificent historical building of the Institute of Zoology.

The interior design will favor natural and organic material such as wood and clay with a modern and contemporary twist.

This noticeable new site will offer to its hotel’s customers and to residents of Bordeaux upgraded services in a restaurant, a bar, meeting accommodations and a spa.

The Philosophy
HotelsT by F.T.

HotelsT is a family business regrouping six hotels, five in Paris and one in Siena. Our concept is based on a unique equilibrium between design and boutique hotels. We offer a friendly, cozy and creative atmosphere in a refined and detailed ensemble. Old stone walls, wood floors, intimate salons with fireplaces, diverse and rich artwork in a modern design setting; these are just some of the attributes to describe the warm and inviting atmosphere of our hotels. Our hotels display a wide range of extraordinary objects and art pieces from all around the world. The hotels’ collection is constantly replenished with a modern twist.

Our philosophy is to offer a personalized experience, an intellectual voyage and a call to each one’s curiosity with exceptional accommodation and service. We want to make our guests feel like they are home while they fully experience Paris. HotelsT happily organize themes packages on demand as well as full assistance right from the airport.

Their unique character coupled with their exceptional locations in the heart of the historical Paris (Saint-Germain des Prés and the 8th district) and in the heart of the old city of Siena make these hotels the perfect escapade that our guests will remember and share with their friends and family.

Boutique Hotel Zoologie plan


4 star hotel in Bordeaux in the former Institute of Zoology


Until then, a beautiful boutique hotel in Bordeaux, near the train station, was sorely lacking. Now that a new TGV line gets you to the Aquitaine region in only two hours from Paris, the neighborhood is more alive than ever. The hotel Zoologie in Bordeaux is the place to be in the district.

This new hotel in Bordeaux is built inside the walls of the former Zoology Institute, from which it gets most of its inspiration regarding interior decoration, creating what resembles a curiosity cabinet. Since it is a boutique hotel, guests can also buy furniture, art or china to bring back a very special and tasteful memory home. The history of the building can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century, which makes it an exceptional testimony of Bordeaux’s academic fame.


This rare boutique hotel in Bordeaux is situated Cours de la Marne, a two-minute walk away from the train station. If you look toward the Cours de la Marne, you will get access to public transportation. In France, tramways and buses timetables and circuits are very easy to understand for they are usually run by one company only.

On the other side of the building, the rue Ferbos and the Cours Barbey are quieter, and echo the serenity of the hotel’s indoor garden. In this ideal atmosphere, the traveler will be able to plan an unforgettable trip around the capital of the Aquitaine. As soon as travelers settle in this 4 star hotel in Bordeaux, the will experience the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of this wonderful city.


Thanks to the hotel restaurant, they will also be able to get a taste of French gastronomy, the best appetizer for the mind there is.

A charming hotel in the heart of the city of Bordeaux


Ideally situated, the hotel Zoologie in Bordeaux is at walking distance from city center. In less than five minutes, you will be walking the streets of a city which was elected to the UNESCO world heritage. The classical and neoclassical architecture has been perfectly preserved, and Bordeaux is pretty much the same as it was two centuries ago – but with all the modern commodities.


Once out of your boutique hotel in Bordeaux, you can start by going through “la Grosse Cloche” (the big bell), a medieval door which use to symbolize the municipal power – then free from the French yoke. Then walk up the Duffour Dubergier street and leave the Aquitaine museum to your left so as to arrive at the Hotel de Ville, one of the most impressive monuments gathering of the city.

Here, you are still pretty close to your 4 star hotel in Bordeaux, where you will get back to, but not before finishing your tour of Bordeaux’s most interesting monuments. On your way back to your boutique hotel in Bordeaux, after getting through the Porte Dijeaux, you cannot miss the place de la Bourse, which became famous thanks to its water mirror, one of the first ones in Europe.


Before that, if you have time to linger on and if you feel like you can wait a little longer before visiting the beautiful vineyards around your hotel in Bordeaux, take a look at the esplanade des Quinconces, a monumental square, chill out in the Jardin Public, or get across le Pont de Pierre, an impressive bridge crossing the powerful Garonne river.

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The Zoologie Hotel is a charming hotel in the center of Bordeaux, Near the Gare de Saint-Jean on the Left Bank of the Garonne.
It is an atypical quarter of Bordeaux is located between the Opera National of Bordeaux, the Place of the Parliament and the market of the Capucines.

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