An unusual night in Gironde, at the Hotel La Zoologie

Suspended moments, those that break away from everyday life to become the most inexhaustible memories, are created spontaneously when the setting lends itself to them. Do you dream of spending an unusual night in Gironde? La Zoologie hotel in Bordeaux offers you a unique experience, out of time, to live alone, with your family, or on a romantic weekend.

Ages 18+
Ages 4 - 18

An incomparable setting, for an unusual night in Gironde

Pass through the doors of an incomparable elsewhere. The first step beyond the threshold of Zoology transports you to unknown horizons, a parenthesis out of time and space. Just a few minutes from the train station and the city centre, this historic building has been redesigned as a luxury hotel in Bordeaux.

Built at the very beginning of the 20th century (1900-1903) by the architect Ernest Lacombe, the Bordeaux Institute of Zoology blends brick, stone, metal and large glass windows, perfectly highlighting its university past. The new wings added to the building during its renovation also echo the Natural Sciences.

Here and there, meticulous decorative elements are a nod to the roots of the place. A few touches of modernity give it a surprising and authentic atmosphere.

For a weekend or a longer stay in the heart of the Gironde, La Zoologie promises you one of the most unusual experiences in the whole of New Aquitaine.

Your room for an unusual night in Aquitaine

At La Zoologie hotel, each room tells its own story. Here, large French windows open onto the Place André Meunier and the Cours de la Marne. There, walls made of Bordeaux stone and clay rub shoulders with the animal kingdom or botanical impressions, for a real bubble of nature, tree house style: a holiday in the woods in the heart of the city. Elsewhere, a biology laboratory or a researcher’s office is invited into your private bathroom. In some rooms, the office area has an old oolitic limestone bench that you will not find in any other accommodation in France.

Your unusual night in Gironde offers you a moment of disorientation against a colourful backdrop evoking Le Corbusier, the luxuriance of plants, or even distant landscapes. Observe every detail of your unusual room in Bordeaux and let this unusual setting inspire you.

Looking for even more relaxation during your stay? Don’t forget to visit our Spa.


Accompany your unusual night in Gironde with an unusual culinary experience

During your family stay or your romantic weekend, the unusual is also on your plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Served in your room or in the room of our restaurant bathed in morning light, the breakfast at La Zoologie hotel offers you a moment of sweetness to start the day on the right foot.

At lunch and dinner time, it is the opportunity to discover typical Bordeaux dishes revisited by the experienced team of our unusual restaurant in Bordeaux. Don’t forget to say hello to our chef, who loves to hear what our guests think of his delicious creations!

Or maybe you’d rather try the creative and colourful dishes from the Banksia dining cellar! Don’t forget to stop by our delicatessen for a moment to experience the gastronomic domain of La Zoologie.

And to end on a high note, head for our ambiance bar in Bordeaux, where unique cocktails created by talented mixologists await you. Relax in a musical lounge atmosphere while watching the sun set over the city. Or head to the rooftop of the Geology wing for a breathtaking view.

La Zoologie Hotel brings your desire for the unusual to life.