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“La Zoologie: the most awaited new 4-star luxury hotel in Bordeaux”.

“La Zoologie hotel in Bordeaux, the expert opinion of Le Figaro”

“Zoology the new 4 star hotel in Bordeaux”.

“The first thing we can’t wait to do again in Bordeaux”

“Bordeaux entre dans une nouvelle dimension”

“Ubran jungle”

“An intellectual journey through time”

“Lions stand guard at the entrance, monkeys light the way…”

“Decorated with jungle motifs for the restaurant and its open kitchen”.

“La Zoologie is already THE new address to remember in Bordeaux”.

“Bordeaux: a luxury hotel opens in the former Institute of Zoology”

“Bordeaux: the former Institute of Zoology has been transformed into an upmarket hotel”

“Market cuisine in a charming hotel”.

“La Zoologie, new hotel with rooftop, spa and hidden terrace”

“La Zoology, a wild escape


“In Bordeaux, the Bordeaux Institute of Zoology is transformed into a boutique hotel”.


“An intellectual journey in a zoological, botanical and geological setting


“Trip in Zoologie”


“A hotel like no other!”


“Zoology in the heart of the vibrant city of Bordeaux”


“A new hotel in Bordeaux in a surprising and unlikely location”

Art & Décoration

“La Zoology, an object lesson”

jane de boy magazine

“It is the openness of Bordeaux that arouses the curiosity of city breakers as far as Paris”.