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The hotel La Zoologie Bordeaux

The Institute of Zoology was built in the beginning of the 20th century (1900-1903) by the architect Ernest Lacombe and is a landmark building of the contemporary academic architecture characterized by its metallic structure mixed with bricks and stones allowing large openings and glass roofs.

The renovation of the building has beautified this landmarked architecture to which two modern wings have been added still in the theme of natural science.

The whole building is structure around a garden echoing the public park across the street in front of the historical Institute of Zoology.

A propos de nous
A propos de nous

The Concept

The HotelsT are proud to present their latest creation: La Zoologie in Bordeaux!

The hotel is composed of three wings around a garden and is of a four-star standing luxury hotel in Bordeaux.

Like in all its hotels, the HotelsT welcome you in a property filled with History, the Institute of Zoology of Bordeaux, completely renovated.

Located in the city centre of Bordeaux, a few steps away from the Bordeaux train station, this historical academic building, with a landmarked architecture, lets you take a unique journey, tinted by the glorious past of the Institute of Zoology, the study of natural sciences such as geology and botanic.

As always with the HotelsT, comfort and enjoyment are our prime priority, whether it is during a rooftop party or a week-long discovery getaway in the Gironde’s capital, Bordeaux. The luxury and cosy warmth of the hotel La Zoologie, the expertise of the staff, the quality of our kitchen, the comfort of the rooms and our unique knowledge of Bordeaux will make you feel like a real Bordelais, at home.

Real cocoon opened on the outside, the hotel La Zoologie is a living place in the area of the Saint-Jean train station of Bordeaux. Meeting place, its bar, its restaurant and its oyster bar favour cultural exchanges between the travelers staying at the hotel and the people of Bordeaux.

Visiting Bordeaux our guests will have the pleasure to enjoy its lifestyle while benefitting from the comfort and the intimacy of a luxury hotel by the HotelstT.

The HotelsT philosophy remains the same, offering an intellectual journey in a spectacular place full of history so as to arouse everyone’s curiosity with a set of artwork and collections from all over the world.

The Philosophy

HotelsT by F.T.

HotelsT is a family owned business of four hotels in Paris, one hotel in Sienna and now in Bordeaux. Our concept is based on a unique balance between design and boutique hotel. We offer a familial and creative feeling in refined interiors where every single detail is thoughtfully conceived. Old stone walls, wood floors, intimate salons with fireplaces, diverse and rich artwork combined with a modern setting; these are just some of the attributes to describe the warm and inviting atmosphere of our hotels. Our hotels display a wide range of extraordinary objects and art pieces from all around the world. The hotels’ collection is constantly replenished with a modern twist.

Our philosophy is to offer a personalized experiencean intellectual journey and a call to each one’s curiosity with an exceptional accommodation and service. We want to make our guests feel like they are home while they fully experience Paris, Sienna or Bordeaux. The hotelsT happily organize theme packages on demand as well as full assistance right from the airport.

Their unique character coupled with their exceptional location in the heart of the historical Paris (Saint- Germain des Pres and the 8th district) in the heart of the old city of Sienna and now Bordeaux, make the HotelsT the perfect getaway that our guests will remember and share with their family and friends.