Hotel Zoologie



The present general terms and conditions of sale apply to sales operations (by telephone, e-mail, internet or directly) concluded by the Hotel la Zoologie with the Customer.

It is therefore imperative that the Customer carefully read the GTC which are referenced by hyperlink on the site or on the reservation confirmation. The Customer is advised to download and/or print them in order to keep a copy on the day of the order, as they are likely to be modified, it being specified that such modifications will not apply to orders for services made previously.

The GTC may be supplemented by special terms and conditions of sale appearing on the description of the service as well as by the terms and conditions of sale of the service providers, accessible either on their website or on site.


The physical coordinates of the hotel are as follows:

La Zoologie, l’Hôtel
151, cours de la Marne
33 800 Bordeaux

The Hotel is at liberty to refuse to receive guests whose dress is indecent or negligent, guests whose behaviour is noisy or improper, guests whose behaviour is contrary to good morals and public order.

The Client agrees and undertakes to use the room with the care of a reasonable person. The Client shall respect the peaceful nature of the premises and use them in accordance with their purpose.

The Guest agrees and undertakes to wear proper clothing and to behave in a proper manner when in the common areas of the hotel.

The Client accepts and undertakes to return the accommodation in good condition. Any damage caused to the room, the hotel equipment or the common areas may result in penalties. Also, any behaviour contrary to public morality and order will lead the Hotel to ask the Client to leave the establishment without any compensation and without any refund if a payment has already been made. If no payment has yet been made, the Customer must pay the price of the night(s) consumed before leaving the establishment, including extra charge(s).


Prices are quoted in Euros. VAT is included in the prices quoted. Any change in the applicable rate, or any modification or introduction of new legal taxes by the competent authorities, will be automatically reflected in the prices indicated on the date of invoicing.

Rates are per room for the number of persons indicated on the booking confirmation and according to the selected period. The prices indicated include only the services strictly mentioned in the reservation.

Any additional services provided by the hotelier during the stay and the tourist tax will be added to the price mentioned in the reservation. The amount of the tourist tax is 2€ per adult per day. Any change in the applicable rate of the tourist tax introduced by the competent authorities will be automatically reflected in the prices indicated on the date of invoicing.

The prices mentioned on the Site are subject to change at any time by the Hotel without prior information or notice. Only the price indicated in the reservation confirmation is contractual.

No stay booked prior to the implementation of any promotional offer shall be subject to reimbursement, even partial.


The Client will not be able to have his request processed without providing his first and last name on his official identity papers (ID card or passport, driving licence not being recognised as such).

Reservations can be made directly on our official website or by phone or email. Reservations will be effective and firm only after receipt of a deposit or a guarantee by valid credit card.  The hotel reserves the right to cancel any reservation without prior notice if the deposit or the credit card number is not valid.

Confirmation of the reservation implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale, acknowledgement of having full knowledge of them and waiver of the right to invoke one’s own terms and conditions of purchase or other conditions.

All the data provided and the recorded confirmation will be considered as proof of the transaction. The confirmation will be considered as a signature and acceptance of the operations carried out.

In application of the provisions of article L 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, the services offered are not subject to the application of the right of withdrawal provided for in articles L. 121-21 et seq. of the French Consumer Code in relation to distance selling. Consequently, the services ordered are subject exclusively to the cancellation and modification conditions provided for in these GTC and the Customer may not invoke the right of withdrawal.

The Hotel offers the Customer the option of different rates and conditions of sale:

In the case of a reservation with a flexible rate:

The bank details given at the time of booking will be automatically verified upon confirmation of your booking. Unless otherwise stated at the time of booking, no amount will be deducted at the time of booking – the total amount of your stay will be paid directly on site.

For a flexible rate and unless otherwise stated at the time of booking, any request to change and/or cancel a booking must be made as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours before the date of arrival (cut-off time: noon local time). In case of late cancellation or no-show (and unless otherwise stated on the confirmation) the hotel will automatically debit the amount of the first night as well as the amount of any services booked.

Furthermore, for a stay of at least 2 nights, in the event that the Client does not show up on the first day of the stay, the Hotel is not obliged to keep the room for the remaining duration of the stay.

Cancellation requests will only be processed once the hotel has received a written request: – The date and time (local time) of receipt of the cancellation request will be the date and time of cancellation.

In the case of a non-cancellable – non-refundable reservation:

The hotel will charge the full amount of your reservation upon confirmation of your reservation.

For a non-cancellable – non-refundable rate: in case of a change or cancellation request the total amount charged at the time of booking will not be refunded.

In case of a long stay with a flexible rate (from 5 nights):

Special conditions (deposit amount, specific cancellation conditions) may apply depending on the length of stay. The deposit can be deducted in full or in part upon confirmation, the amount of the deposit will vary according to the length of stay.

For a stay of more than 7 nights, the hotel will require a deposit every 7 days corresponding to the amount of the week, including extra service(s).

In case of late cancellation or No-Show (and unless otherwise stated on the confirmation) the deposit paid at the time of confirmation as well as the amount of any service(s) booked will not be refunded.

Prices available for individual guests and promotional or non-cancellable/non-refundable offers do not automatically apply to groups. Groups may be subject to special rates depending on the period and number of rooms requested.

In the event of interruption of the stay, regardless of the rate booked, no refund will be made. In case of early departure, the stay initially booked will be due in full. Early departures cannot under any circumstances give rise to a refund. Any modification and/or cancellation of a stay must comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the tariff chosen at the time of booking.

In the event that the Hotel is not available or in the event of force majeure, the Hotel reserves the right to accommodate the Client, in whole or in part, in a hotel of equivalent or higher category, offering services of the same nature. The transfer shall then be at the expense of the hotelier, who shall not be liable for any additional compensation.

Unless otherwise specified at the time of booking or by specific agreement, for any booking made through an intermediary (travel agency, distributor website, GDS, etc.), the present general terms and conditions of sale shall apply. However, all requests to change/cancel a booking must be made directly to the intermediary through whom the booking was made. No request for change/cancellation will be processed directly by the Hotel and no request will be considered without a written request from the intermediary who made the reservation.


Depending on the type of reservation made, the price is payable in full at the time of booking or at the end of the Client’s stay at the Hotel.

When requesting a stay, the reservation is considered firm only after a deposit or a credit card guarantee has been paid. The Hotel accepts payment by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express) and cash in €uros.

The credit card used for a prepaid reservation must be presented on arrival at the hotel. The card must be valid on the date of departure of the Client/Reservation.

If the credit card used for a flexible booking is not presented and the Booking Party does not complete a pick-up form prior to the Client’s arrival, a new credit card will be requested on the spot and will be automatically verified, with possible pre-authorisation.

If the credit card used for a non-refundable reservation is not presented, and in the absence of a pick-up form completed by the Reservation Holder prior to the Customer’s arrival, a new payment will be made on the spot and the Hotel will proceed to reimburse the debited credit card.

It should also be noted that the Hotel reserves the right to pre-authorise the total or partial amount of the reservation on the credit card at any time before arrival.

Luncheon vouchers are accepted in the BAR and RESTAURANT with a maximum amount of 19€ per day and per person – but not for the payment of the room.

The hotel does not give change for restaurant vouchers.


The Hotel asks the Customer to provide his/her identity documents (identity card or passport – driving licence is not accepted) and a valid bank card in his/her name.

The Hotel asks the Customer to fill in a welcome card.

If the Customer is a foreigner, he/she will also be asked to fill in a police form, the model for which is laid down by a joint order of the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Immigration and the Minister of Tourism:

Clients who have booked via a travel agency must provide their printed or digital voucher on arrival.

The reservation must be in the name of the Customer. In the event that the Reservation Holder is not the Client staying at the hotel, the hotel will require proof of the Client’s identity from the Reservation Holder. Without such proof, the Client may be refused access to the room.


The reservation is officially effective from 4 p.m. on the day of the Customer’s arrival and ends at 12 noon on the day of departure. In order to provide the best possible service, in the event that the room is ready and regardless of the time of arrival of the Client, the Hotel will do its utmost to hand over the keys to the Client upon arrival.

If the room is not ready when the Customer arrives, he/she may leave his/her luggage at the hotel reception.

If the Client wishes to have his/her room before 4pm then an additional Early-check-in fee will automatically be applied.

The charges applied depend on the time of check-in:

For an Early check-in requested at 2pm: 20€.

For an early check-in requested at 12:00: 30€.

For an early check-in requested at 10am: 40€.

For an Early check-in requested at 9am: 50€.

For any Early check-in before 9am, the night before will be automatically charged.

Early check-ins are on request only and are subject to availability. The Client is therefore invited to make a request at

If the Client wishes to have their room after 12:00 on the day of departure, an additional late check-out fee will automatically be applied.

The charges applied depend on the time of check-out:

For a Late check-out requested until 2pm: €20

For a Late check-out requested until 4pm: €40

Late check-outs after 4pm will be automatically charged for the night.

Late check-outs are on request only and are subject to availability. The Client is therefore invited to make a request at

The room is intended for a specific number of people: in order to ensure the hotel’s safety rules, it is forbidden to accommodate additional people.

In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, the Hotel reserves the right to demand the reservation of an additional room at the daily rate in force.

In the event of refusal, the Client may leave the hotel after payment of the bill and any additional service(s) provided up to that point, or without the possibility of being able to claim any reimbursement of the sum(s) paid up to that point.


The Reception is not responsible for luggage or objects left in public areas. Luggage storage is available at Reception. A receipt will be given to the Client for each deposit and will be collected when the items are retrieved. Reception is open 24 hours a day.

In case of loss or forgetfulness, lost and found items are deposited at the Reception. After departure, the Client may have the forgotten item(s) sent to him/her after payment of the shipping costs.


The hotel would like to remind you that smoking or vaping has been banned in all public places since 2 January 2008. The hotel is an entirely non-smoking area, with the exception of the outdoor smoking areas where ashtrays are provided for this purpose. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to smoke or vapourise in the rooms for obvious reasons of safety and comfort. The Customer will therefore be liable for the full amount of the costs of cleaning and restoring the damaged element or area to its original state. If electronic cigarette smoke or vapour is detected in the room, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the Customer for the cost of immobilising the room (number of nights of immobilisation multiplied by the current daily rate with a maximum charge of 3 nights).


The hotel rooms are cleaned daily between 9am and 5pm. The Guest is requested to use the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the room door to indicate to the staff that they do not wish to be disturbed.

Hanging towels are not changed, the Guest is requested to place the towels on the floor or in the shower if they wish to have them replaced. These towels must not be used outside the room – towels are available at the Spa and Fitness.

In the event of undue soiling or damage, an additional charge may be made. The Client will be held responsible for all direct and/or indirect, consequential damage which he/she causes in the room booked or which he/she may cause within the Hotel. Consequently, he/she undertakes to compensate the Hotel for the amount of said damage, without prejudice to any damages that may be due.


Pets are not allowed in the hotel (except for service animals).


In general, parents are responsible for their minor children. Minors are therefore under the responsibility of the Client, in the rooms and in the common areas.

The establishment does not accept reservations if all the occupants of the room are minors.  No minor may occupy a room without the presence of an adult.

The hotel reserves the right to ask for identification from minors accompanying adults for security purposes.

Access to the Spa and fitness room is strictly forbidden to minors under the age of 16.

It is forbidden to run, roll (skates, scooter, bicycle…) or shout in the establishment, day and night.


Breakfast is served from 7am to 10am from Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays from 7.30am to 9.30am – it costs 19 Euros per person and 9 Euros for children under 9 years.

An Express Breakfast can be served on request between 6am and 7am. It includes a hot drink, 1 fresh fruit juice and a pastry. The price is 9 Euros per person and the request must be made the day before before 20:00.

Unless otherwise indicated, a Brunch will be served every Sunday from 11.30 to 14.30. Brunch is 38 Euros per person and 17 Euros for children under 9 years old.

13. LE BAR

“The Zoology Bar is open from 7am to 10pm from Sunday to Wednesday inclusive and from 7am to midnight from Thursday to Saturday inclusive.

The hotel does not serve alcohol to minors under the age of 18, and children cannot order alcoholic drinks for their parents or accompanying persons.

The hotel staff reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol for the benefit of the Client.


“La Zoologie, Le Restaurant” is open every lunchtime from 12.00 to 14.00 except on Sundays, and every evening from 19.30 to 22.00.

Unless otherwise stated, “La Zoologie, Le Restaurant” will be open every Sunday from 11.30 to 14.30 for Brunch.


“La Zoologie, l’Ecailler” is open every day from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm.


The spa is open every day from 10:00 to 21:00, and is accessible to hotel and external clients from 16 years old. Access to the Spa if not included in the Client’s reservation is €25 per person per stay and €30 per day for external clients.

Lockers are available to the Client inside the spa to secure their personal belongings.

As the SPA area is available to all clients, the hotel reminds you that any behaviour that may offend the modesty of others will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion from the establishment, as well as to the termination of a subscription without the possibility of reimbursement of sums paid or advanced.

It is compulsory to wear a swimming costume (no shorts) in the entire SPA. The Client is asked to respect the tranquillity of others.

Shoes are strictly forbidden in the Spa, slippers are available to the Client in the room, and can also be requested from the hotel staff.

The hotel reminds you that when using the Sauna, certain precautions should be taken:

All accessories likely to store heat must be removed: necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, etc., which could burn when heated. Lockers are available in the changing rooms.

It is not recommended to read in the sauna: the ink fumes from a book or newspaper can be toxic!

The fitness room is accessible every day from 6.00 am to 11.59 pm. Access to the fitness room is free for hotel guests and paid for by external guests (rates and subscriptions available from our staff at reception). For guests who do not have access to the spa and wish to go to the fitness room, safes are available in the room to secure their personal belongings.

When leaving the spa and fitness area, used towels are to be deposited in the baskets provided.

The spa and fitness areas may be closed during the day for maintenance: a sign will indicate the temporary unavailability.

Food is strictly forbidden in the Spa. Only drinks ordered from the BAR are tolerated and must be consumed in the areas provided for this purpose. It is strictly forbidden to consume drinks in the jacuzzi, hammam or sauna.


Bikes (men, women) are available for hire by the day or half day. A deposit of 500€ is required before each rental. Bikes can only be hired by a person of legal age.

Bicycles are under the Client’s full responsibility and the deposit will be cashed in the event of partial or total damage or theft.

The hotel asks the Client to declare any defects or damage before using the bikes. The Client is responsible for checking the safety features (brakes, tyre pressure, lighting….)

The wearing of body safety equipment is strongly recommended and not provided by the hotel.


The Customer is solely responsible for personal belongings left in the hotel room, including outside the safe or in the public areas of the hotel. The Hotel shall not be held responsible for the loss, theft, deterioration or damage of such belongings.

A safe is available to the Client in the room. For the Client with access to the Spa, lockers are available in the changing rooms. The Hotel declines all responsibility for the loss or theft of objects that have not been placed in these safes or lockers.

If an item is left behind, it is the Client’s responsibility to retrieve it.


A meeting room is available in the hotel. This is available on reservation with our staff ( and is subject to special booking conditions.

In addition, a seminar package is also available under special booking conditions.

A deposit of 50% of the total price including VAT must be paid at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

The remaining 50% must be paid no later than five (5) days before the date of arrival at the hotel.

Any extras, such as drinks or additional services not included in the quotation, must be paid for by the Client at the time of check-out.

If the Customer wishes to have extras such as meals, drinks, laundry and telephone services paid for by each participant, he/she must inform the Hotel in advance in writing. If the participants fail to pay, the Customer will be invoiced for these extras and will be jointly and severally liable for their payment. Non-compliance with the payment deadlines is considered as a total cancellation of the reservation, governed by the article “Cancellation of Reservation” above.

The conditions for total cancellation of a reservation are as follows:

More than 3 months before the planned date of arrival at the hotel: no cancellation fee, the deposit is returned to the Client.

Between 3 months and 10 days before the expected date of arrival at the hotel: cancellation fee of 50% of the amount of the services quoted.

After 10 days prior to arrival at the hotel: cancellation fees corresponding to 100% of the amount of the services quoted.

Individual cancellation conditions are as follows:

1 room can be cancelled free of charge up to the day before the scheduled arrival date at the hotel (cut-off time: noon local time)

Meals for 1 person can be cancelled free of charge up to 5 days prior to the expected arrival date at the Hotel (cut-off time: 12 noon local time)

The Customer must confirm in writing to the Hotel at the latest ten days before the planned date of arrival his/her choice of meal (menu, buffet, cocktail, etc.). Beyond this date, the Hotel reserves the right to impose a choice in the category selected by the Customer in the quotation. Catering not consumed as part of a package cannot result in a reduction in price.

If an item is left behind, it is the Client’s responsibility to retrieve it.


The Hotel shall not be liable for any damage caused by a delay or failure due to force majeure or an event beyond its control, such as, but not limited to act of public authority, hostilities, war, natural disaster, fire, flood, strike, power or gas supply cut-off, failure of the heating system… In the event that the performance by the Hotel of its obligations contained herein is hindered by such a case of force majeure or the like, the Hotel shall immediately notify the Customer, who shall not be entitled to claim any compensation on this account. The parties shall use their best efforts to prevent or reduce the effects of non-performance of the agreement caused by such an event.


The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by French law. This applies to both substantive and formal rules. Any disputes shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.